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car keyLosing car keys can be a frustrating and stressful experience. No matter how careful you are, it’s highly likely that you will find them lost at some point. And the worse part of it all is that there is the potential of losing the remote which is usually combined with the keys in newer models.

This calls for a replacement. However, replacing your car keys will largely depend on the make and model of your vehicle. In new models, ignition keys have a transponder that communicates electrically with the vehicle to prevent theft. This means that unless it’s programmed to match the vehicle, the replacement won’t work. Newer models also include an integrated or separate fob with buttons to lock and unlock the doors. Therefore, no matter the type of model you have, locksmiths are the best option for car key replacement.

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Now, there could be a number of reasons as to why you require a replacement set of keys for your vehicle. Some of the most common reasons that many people require car key replacement include:


  • Being locked out of a car
  • Losing keys
  • Damage to car keys
  • Snapped keys in car door lock
  • Spare set of keys in case of loss or damage
  • Replacement of transponder chip if the chip is broken or missing


Why You Should Use Locksmiths for Car Key Replacement


Lost, broken, or stolen car keys can easily be replaced by automotive locksmiths. They will cut a new key and program it to your vehicle. These are professionals who are experienced in cutting all types of car keys no matter the type of model.


Below are some of the reasons why you should hire a locksmith to replace your car key.


Having a Car Key Replaced by a Locksmith is Cheaper


The first thing you would probably think of after losing or breaking your car key is getting a replacement from a dealership. Of course, this might not be the best option for you are dealerships are far more expensive.

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The best decision you can make is to find locksmiths as their services tend to be far cheaper than what the car dealerships charge. You can easily save more money by using locksmiths’ services instead of dealerships.


Locksmith Services are Fast


Car LocksmithOne of the benefits of using locksmiths to replace your set of car keys is that the services are pretty fast. Many locksmiths can replace your car keys within a very short period of time. Compared to dealerships where you will have to undergo a lengthy procedure, the response times of locksmiths are often very good.


In case you lose your keys, always make a point of calling a locksmith because it often takes a very short time to have them replaced.


Locksmiths Services are Reliable and Dependable


Most locksmiths are reputable for being reliable and dependable. Because car replacement is an emergency situation, they try their best to get you out the mess as fast as they can. As long as you hire one with a solid reputation, you will never have to stress out when locked in or out of the car. The good news is that most of them offer their services 24/7.


Be sure to find reputable locksmiths through referrals.


Locksmiths Offer Warranties for Car Key Replacements


Most locksmiths offer replacements with about a 90-day warranty for both new and used keys. This is usually a guarantee that in case the replacement fails to work, you will have it replaced at no extra cost.


Ask about warranty before using their services to ensure that you are covered.


Locksmiths are Equipped with the Latest Key-Programming Technology


car locksmith4Newer models have their keys programmed differently than older ones. This means that if you have the latest model, you will need to hire a locksmith who has knowledge about programming the specific models. The good news is that most locksmiths rely on the most recent key-programming technology to ensure that the correct key cutting and programming process is followed.


They are also fully trained, and you can, therefore, expect quality services.


If you want to have your keys replaced and want to save some money, be sure to look for locksmiths who provide fast, reliable, affordable, and good customer service. No matter what issues you are having with your car keys, be sure to get a replacement from Diamondback Lock and Key.

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