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keyless1Are you one of those people who go around lugging a huge keychain with several keys hanging on it? How does it feel like? Pretty uncomfortable right? But you really don’t need to carry around all of those keys. You can get rid of most if not all of them by switching to a keyless entry door system. There are many benefits to having a keyless entry system and you will learn the most important ones in this article.

No more keys to lose

lost keysThe problem with keys is that you can easily lose them. Yes, even if they are hanging from a key chain. And if you lose your whole keychain, then it’s goodbye to all your keys. Just imagine the trouble that you need to go to so you can replace those lost keys. And what if your keys fell in the wrong hands? Then there’s a good chance that you will wake up with a few missing items in your home or office. And we all know, that is not the worst thing that could happen. By installing a keyless entry door system, you will eliminate the need for keys. Therefore, you will also eliminate the fear of losing keys and achieve peace of mind.

No more keys to copy

With physical keys, you also need to make copies to give to your family members or employees. The problem with this is that there may come a point where you will forget the number of copies that you have made. There is a tendency to lose track of all of the people whom you have given copies to. Again, this can lead to a serious security problem. Moreover, copies of keys can also be copied. This makes it really difficult to track the number of copies of your keys that is out there. This is alright if you can be sure that all the people around you are trustworthy. But this is hardly the case right? You can easily eliminate this problem by switching to a keyless entry door system.

Keyless Entry Locks Can’t Be Picked

Picking A LockAnother big advantage of a keyless entry door system is that it cannot be easily opened through picking, bumping or other forms of manipulation unlike traditional locks. At some point in your life, you’ve probably tried to open your own locks by picking it using a wire or a straightened out paper clip. If you, an amateur, were successful in opening your own lock just imagine the success that “pros” can have if they will attempt to open your lock. Unfortunately, many conventional locks are not very secure. But you don’t need to stick to these locks. You have an option to replace your locks with a keyless entry door system. The reason why keyless locks are almost impossible to pick or bump is because, unlike traditional locks, they do not have cylinders. Without cylinders, there is no option to open the lock by picking or bumping it.

With a professional locksmith it is easy!

Keyless entry systems provide better security than traditional locks. At this point, you are probably interested to know how keyless entry systems work. Instead of a key, keyless locks use a pin code. You can designate your own pin code and change it anytime you want and you can do so without the need for any special skills or tools. The equivalent of this process in traditional locks is the process of re-keying. But this process is something that you cannot do on your own. You will need to go to a professional locksmith in order to successfully rekey your lock. This is because it requires special skills and tools. Rekeying a traditional lock costs money and will also take a significant amount of your time. With a keyless lock, you will never experience such an inconvenience.

We Install Keyless Entry

Keyless locks are easy for professionals to install. They can be installed in the same way traditional locks are installed. There is no need to use a special door or frame. They are also stand alone and does not require being connected to a power source. They are powered by standard AA batteries.

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A guide to the best keyless door locks for your home.

With the growth of technology, the introduction of keyless door locks has revolutionized the way we keep our homes safe from intruders. The keyless entry locks are not only effective but are easy to operate and do not require you to carry a bunch of keys wherever you go. This means that you do not have to worry about losing your keys and spending the night out in the cold.

Another advantage of a keyless door lock is that you do not have to undergo the extra expense of having to duplicate your key for other people to access your apartment. All you need to do to allow another person to your house is to provide the entry code.

Some keyless locks systems can help you determine the security condition of your home by providing you with data on the number of attempts to open your door by intruders. If you are looking to buy a keyless lock for your home, here are the things that you should consider.

How effective is the keyless lock of your choice?

When buying a keyless lock, the number one goal should be to identify the ones that have a reputation for durability and performance. You do not want to end up with a lock that is easy to hack and falls apart after a two months of use. We recommend you read other customers’ reviews online and ask for advice from friends who use the keyless lock system.

You can also research on the manufacturer and buy from those that have a reputation for making high-quality products.

Is the applied technology convenient with you?

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, select a keyless door lock that you can comfortably operate. If you are not the gizmos type of person, settle for the ones that do not require high-tech devices to operate. However, make sure that the simplicity does not compromise their effectiveness and performance.

How much does it cost and can you afford it?

Before you make a buying decision, ensure that you compare different keyless locks and their prices. While the price goes hand in hand with quality, not all high priced keyless door locks are of high quality. If you are looking to pay less for the best keyless lock, you should be ready to do enough window shopping.

Does the style fit your taste?

The Keyless door locks come in different styles. You should choose the one that is in line with your taste and preferences.

The latest high-tech locks apply the Bluetooth, fingerprint, and WIFI technology and are usually connected to devices to provide data to help keep your home safe and secure. It is good to note that while the keyless locks are more convenient than the traditional ones, they do not eliminate the risk of burglary one hundred percent. This is because, in most theft cases, the entry point is through windows or an open door.

If you are wondering on the best keyless lock for your home, here are the latest high-techs on the market today.

Biometric Finger Print Door Locks.

This type of keyless lock uses the fingerprint identification mechanism to allow access. With this technology, you will need to program your fingerprints and for those you want to allow entry into your house. The biometric reader is designed to unlock the door instantly once the fingerprints are identified.

When it comes to effectiveness, the biometric systems are very secure. The chance of having someone with similar fingerprints is one in a billion and therefore unless the intruder drills a big hole in your door, there is no way to gain entry.

With the many brands of the biometric locks in the market today, it is recommended you do a thorough research before settling on one. Reading the Amazon and other online reviews can be the first step to an informed decision.

Digital Deadbolt Door locks.

The digital deadbolt door locks contain a keypad in which you are required to enter a set code to gain entry into the house. They are the most sort after in the market today and have a high reputation for simplicity and convenience. The American National Standard Institute grades them according to quality from grade one to grade three.

If you want to allow access to another person, you can assign a temporary keypad code and delete it once you no longer require them to access your house.

These keyless locks are easy to install, and most of them come with a back-lit keypad to allow visibility in darkness. They are highly recommended for exterior doors. When buying one for your home, we suggest you review a number of them to make an informed choice. It is advisable you invest on the highest quality for maximum security and performance.

Radio Frequency Identification Locks (RFID).

The RFID locks use a key fob or a card to allow entry. It is a keyless system that is designed to open doors with a proximity card. For the remote controlled, all you need to do is to press a button on the key fob and the door will be unlocked. The system is usually customized to specific locks meaning that you cannot use one key fob to open multiple locks. The RFID technology is the same one used in the automotive industry.

The proximity cards can open a door from a distance of up to four feet from the sensor. The cards are customized with user information to ensure that only the specific card can open a particular door. For additional security, a photo ID can be included on the card.

The RFID are not as expensive as other keyless door lock systems and are usually very efficient and durable. An example of this type of cards is an automobile tag which is designed to allow entry into parking facilities without needing the driver to get out of the car or lower the window.

If you are experiencing problems with your keyless door lock system, contact us and we will fix it for you.

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