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can't turn ignitionThe ignition switch of a vehicle is the master switch that provides power to the vehicle’s electrical accessories, computer and the fuel and ignition systems. The switch also routes current from the battery to the starter, and to the crank engine.

The ignition switch also functions as a theft prevention device as a key is required to turn it on. Likewise, it’s also used to lock the steering wheel when the key is removed- which also helps prevent auto theft.

A vehicle’s ignition switch comes with four main positions. They include:

• RUN– This position provides power to the engine and electrical accessories. For the engine to run, the switch must be in this position.

• OFF– Also known LOCK, this position turns off power to the engine and the electrical accessories.

• START– This position is solely used to start the engine

• ACC– It’s known as the Accessory position that delivers power only to the electrical accessories and not to the engine.

Now just like with other vehicle components, the ignition switch has its own share of problems. Below are some of the most common issues with car ignition switches.

Ignition Switch Fails To Turn After The Key Has Been Inserted

This mostly happens when one of the front wheels is turned at an angle that is against a curb, causing the steering column to bind. This basically weighs down on the steering linkage, thereby binding the ignition switch and the column lock.

You can try jiggling the wheel back and forth. Also, a worn key might be preventing the ignition switch from turning. Try using a spare one to see if it will work. Lubricating the switch may also help if the switch is binding.

The Ignition Switch Turns On But Engine Fails To Crank

Ignition won't turnIf the engine does not crank when you turn the ignition switch to the start position, then the switch must be faulty, or there may be a fault in the starting circuit.

First, perform an experimental test to see if the problem is caused by other components. If the warning lights or any other electrical activity do not indicate after turning the key to the ON position, the battery might be dead, or the battery cables may be loose or corroded. If headlights do not turn on, then you might be having a battery or battery connection problem. If everything else works, then the problem must be with the ignition switch, ignition switch circuit, or an issue in the starting circuit.

The Ignition Switch Turns On and the Engine Cranks But Fails To Start

Various problems leading to this failure may include a fault in the fuel pump, anti theft, ignition circuit, or engine computer.

If you find that the anti theft light is flashing, the engine computer may be failing to recognize the key, thus preventing the engine from starting. Also, the engine may not be getting enough fuel or spark. It might also be caused by low voltage to the starter or a bad starter.

The Engine Starts and Runs Normally, But Suddenly Fails While Driving

This problem is commonly caused by a worn out ignition switch.

With time, the ignition switch wears out after constant use. This happens when the electrical components inside the switch become worn out or corroded, thereby resulting in poor electrical contact. Because of loss of power through the ignition, the engine may end up either misfiring, stumbling, or die.

To prevent this problem, replace the ignition switch.

The Key Fails To Come Out of the Switch After Turning Engine Off

ignition switch2This issue is commonly caused by binding in the steering column lock. You can jiggle the steering wheel back and forth until you hear it click into a lock position.

The key can break inside the ignition switch, which of course prevents any form of movement. If you cannot get the broken key out by yourself, you can find a locksmith to do so.

No matter the cause of the problem, the best and easiest way to fix ignition switch issues is by using a locksmith’s services. Be sure to find a reputable locksmith to solve all your ignition switch problems. Remember that if not fixed on time, problems with the ignition switch can be hazardous. Be sure to have it fixed the moment you identify a problem.

For all your ignition switch issues, be sure to contact Diamond Lock & Key locksmith company which is located in Chandler Arizona for quality, fast, reliable, dependable, and affordable services.

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