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Scottsdale Arizona has built up a reputation as a fine place to savor some great culinary tastes and experiences. It has almost every kind of food and setting whether you want a romantic dinner, a family or friends get together, exotic dishes or the local serving, Scottsdale has a spot for you. There are so many styles of eateries from street restaurants to the tourist hotels. Picking a couple of hotels is a hard exercise but the ones listed below are among the best places to eat in Scottsdale, Arizona.


On 3701 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale, Virtu is a celebrated and charming restaurant that has a rich menu you have to sample. Under owner and Chef Gio Osso, Virtu won accolades upon opening in 2013 and it has maintained the appeal and reputation. Its Mediterranean style of cooking serves up a variety of meals like grilled octopus served with lemon chickpeas. There are brunches like cast iron frittatas and duck confit piquillos with a variety of stuffing. The excellent cocktail menu is handcrafted. Virtu seats 25 people and spots are in high demand so try making early reservations.


This is another restaurant run by an owner chef. FnB adheres to the spirit of local and seasonal cuisine. Chef Charleen Badman guidance turns the ingredients fresh from the farm into an inspiring treat of the local tastes. The menu is always changing and thus guaranteed to always offer you something new. You can still get some local favorites like the roasted chicken from local farms, the chef prepared leeks with a range of pairings like grilled broccoli. There is also an ample collection of Arizona wines giving you a chance to sample the best the state has to offer.

Barrio Queen

Chef Silviana Esparza latest expansion has quickly won the hearts of residents and visitors to Scottsdale. It is the best place to sample Mexican cuisine and walking into the café confirms to you that with the range of tantalizing aromas that hit you. An extensive menu serves you Mexican styled dishes from exotic tacos to chilles of different styles served with delightful options like pomegranate seeds and apricot. The restaurant also brings with it over 400 tequila based drinks which top up your immersion in authentic Mexican culture and cuisine.

Café Monarch

Café Monarch offers an exquisite and royal luxury that still manages to capture a personal feel. It is a family owned restaurant and that shows in the intimate atmosphere, service and even the menu. Fountains, the greenery provided by the vines and rustic lanterns all help build a special feel and a romantic setting. The menu is inspired by seasons and a four-course serving will take you through several delicacies made by organic and fresh local ingredients. The restaurant is only open for dinner from Tuesday through to Sunday. It also boasts one of the best wine collections and the experience is boosted by a knowledgeable and courteous staff. It is one of the must visit spots that you cannot miss out.